05 September 2010

Every Start Requires An End

For some time now (for which, read a year), I've been questioning the future of my blog, mainly as I've just felt uninspired, and at times just too tired to continue with it. I now have the answer.

You all know that I studied in Scotland, then went back to Lancashire, and that I've been aiming for a move back to Scotland.

Well, I have my move.

It's Southbound.

So a blog that started life as a way of keeping my mind active while I was looking for work, then became an extra activity while I was in work can still be that, but seeing as my life is basically about to change radically, I've taken what I view as the logical decision.

I'm pulling the plug, killing off J. Arthur MacNumpty.

It seems foolish to press ahead with it.

However, that's not the same as quitting the blogosphere. Instead, I'll be blogging from The Will Patterson Notebook, where I'll be looking at politics both of the Holyrood and Westminster variety, and maybe throwing in a few more football-based posts, and other stuff besides. I dare say I'll still be posting with variable frequency, but hopefully, once the move's completed (by this time next month), the mojo will be back and I'll welcome the new start. Though of course, The Sunday Whip and Selection Box posts will remain.

Cheers for the ride, guys, but now, I'm changing lanes...


Administrator said...

Farewell J Arthur MacNumpty, a guiding light in the darkness of Scottish blogging. Best of luck in your new ventures down south Will.

best wishes


Malc said...


Gutted doesn't even come close. Best of luck with the new job. And the new blogging venture.


subrosa said...

Good luck in your new job Will. I look forward to your Notebook posts.

voiceofourown said...

oh dear, another 'pro indie' blog bites the dust (and one of the very best).
Thanks for everything.

Mr Eugenides said...

Good luck Will. Not sure where you're moving to, but enjoy the real ale!

Justified Spinner said...

Will, thanks for a great blog, and all the best in the new job.
Looking forward to reading the notebook.


Bill said...

Best of luck in your career 'down south', also for your new blogging venture.

Lallands Peat Worrier said...

I echo the sentiments expressed by my learned friends above. Good luck, Will.

Cruachan said...

Times they are a changin'.

Good luck and thanks Will.