08 November 2009

The Negative-o-meter: 7-8 November

David Kerr

As the by-election enters its final lap the SNP campaign is really closing the gap on Labour and today's revelations that the Labour Government is to axe rail services between Glasgow and Kings Cross have exposed the hypocrisy of Labour's campaign over the airport rail link.

Reports here, show that the London Labour government is planning to axe services on the east coast between Glasgow Central and London.

After weeks of campaigning over 1 mile of track, Labour are now cutting off a 500 mile service - one of the main routes bringing business, tourists and jobs from London into the city.

This decision shows where their priorities really lie and is yet another example of Labour neglecting Glasgow North East. After 74 years it's time to end this neglect. Only a vote for the SNP can stop London Labour in their tracks and deliver the best services for Glaswegians.

This revelation also shows that it is the SNP that is really investing in rail services for Glasgow with a £1 billion investment package to cut journey times between Glasgow and Edinburgh to 35 minutes, as well as the Glasgow-Paisley improvements, and improvements to Dalmarnock stationwhile all the time Labour are cutting services.

Labour are treating the people of Glasgow shamefully. They have presided over 74 years of decline in this constituency and I won't, the SNP won't, and certainly the people of Glasgow North-East won't put up with it anymore.

On a lighter note, I was joined by SNP activists, local residents and athletes from Glasgow's international community for a fun run this morning in aid of the Ruchazie Family Centre. It's a great local project that I was pleased to support.

Off to campaign with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon for the rest of the day. More updates later...

David Kerr

Today is Remembrance Sunday and the SNP campaign will join people across the country as we take time to remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in our name and to stand in solidarity with our veterans and those who currently serve in our armed forces.

I have spoken to many people in this campaign who have served themselves or whose children are serving at the present time in Afghanistan.

It will be a particularly poignant day for our service men and women on the frontline and the members of the Black Watch who yesterday returned to Scotland and to their families. I will be attending the service at Colston Milton Parish Church to pay my respects and my thoughts today will be with our brave forces and with those who went before them.

Willie Bain

Today is a sobering and important day as we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The service, dedication and professionalism of our armed forces should stop us in our tracks every day, not just once a year.

My thoughts and prayers are with all our brave soldiers serving around the world, their families at home, and all those who remember their loved ones.

As a mark of respect to those who have fallen, we suspended our campaigning for this morning, and will do so again at on Wednesday, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day.

Willie Bain
Labour's candidate in Glasgow North East

So, three posts, two of which are Remembrance Sunday based and handled in a neutral, dignified way by both candidates. The David Kerr post on transport, however, goes on the attack - possibly a chance to go on the offensive after being having to respond to the GARL issue for so long. There is some analysis of positive SNP proposals, but the aim of the post is to attack. On the one hand, Labour had this coming given their campaign strategy and the timing of this news, but on the other hand, it's still negative and as such, it's still rather exasperating: it may be difficult to put the contents of this post in a positive tone but I don't think it's altogether impossible.

One wider point: on GARL, SNP supporters and representatives weren't slow to defend and justify the decision to put the Glasgow Airport Rail Link on hold. But on the plan to cut the East Coast Main Line services to Glasgow, the only comments have been from the press, Passenger Focus and from the SNP. Needless to say, it's all been negative. I'm not seeking to slag Labour off here, I merely think that it would be in their interest for Willie Bain to put his head above the parapet on this issue and tell us what he thinks about the proposal. Let's see if he does, and what he says. I look forward to colouring that post!

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