04 November 2008

Liveblogging the US Election

I've stayed reticent over the US Election: it goes without saying that I'm an Obama man, and my silence has had more to do with what I would say having been said already. But I have been watching, and it's time for an all-nighter. Keep your eye on the list at the top to see who else is around, and in the meantime, don't forget to check out this Special Edition of the Scottish Roundup.

0455 GMT: Time to close the Liveblog. It's been fun, it's been historic, I'm waiting for the speech but I need sleep more now... Thanks for being here, and good morning - it's a new day!

0429 GMT: A dignified speech by John McCain, a man with a real, living Hell of a life story. A shame that his supporters couldn't muster the same dignity and grace in defeat.

0412 GMT: The Democrats have held Louisiana in the Senate, Barack Obama has won Colorado (one more state then no more, please, guys!) and John McCain has won Nebraska I'm trying to gather my thoughts on the news but I admit that I'm finding it difficult. I can't remember the last time I was in tears and I have absolutely no idea when I last shed tears of joy but they've come now. Let's think about this, a mixed-race child, the son of a single mother, has grown up to be the most powerful man in the Western world. What a world we live in. What a lesson that is for everyone, and I mean everyone, that no matter your background, literally anything is possible.


California, Washington, Oregon for Obama, Idaho for McCain. 297-139 Obama, and Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States. The first African American President. A member of the Luo becomes President of the USA before it happens in Kenya. What a night.

0357 GMT: Virginia goes Democrat - 220-135 Obama. Assuming California comes in for the Senator for Illinois, it's all over.

0321 GMT: Texas and Mississippi vote McCain. 207-135 Obama.

0311 GMT: Arkansas goes red. 207-95 Obama.

0304 GMT: Disregarding the two Independents, the Democrats now have 52 Senators, guaranteeing their majority. Cloture, on the other hand, might be tougher.

0300 GMT: Iowa for Obama, Utah and Kansas for McCain. 206-89 Obama. Republicans retain the Governorship in North Dakota.

0249 GMT: New Mexico for Obama, Louisiana for McCain. 199-78 Obama.

0239 GMT: McCain's party has briefly switched off the news, according to CNN's Dana Bash. Sadly for her, they turned the screens back on while she was talking.

0234 GMT: CNN calls Ohio for Obama. Bollocks! I had a tenner at Ladborkes on McCain winning Ohio, but not Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida or Nevada. £210, I'd have won, so Senator Obama is costing me money right now. Still I have a tenner on 310-329 Electoral College votes at 6/1 and a fiver on Bill Richardson being next Secretary of State at 20/1, so there's still hope. 194-69 Obama, and even harder for McCain to recover.

0222 GMT: McCain holds West Virginia - 174-69 Obama.

0220 GMT: A ray of light for the Republicans - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has held on. But with 14 seats still to declare, the Democrats are very much in control here.

0212 GMT: CNN calls Georgia for McCain: 174-64 Obama.

0204 GMT: Democrats gain New Hampshire and New Mexico in the Senate. Democrats 48, Republicans 33, Independents 2. In the House, Democrats 60, GOP 35.

0202 GMT: For Obama - New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota (the only state to vote for Walter Mondale) and Rhode Island. No real surprises there. For McCain - North Dakota and Wyoming. Again, no surprises. Obama 174-49.

0158 GMT: CNN calls Alabama for McCain: Obama 102-43.

0151 GMT: Republican Elizabeth Dole (wife of Bob) has lost her North Carolina Senate seat.

0140 GMT: CNN call Pennsylvania for Obama. McCain is, to put it simply, boned. 102-34 Obama.

0131 GMT: According to CNN.com, voters in Massachusetts are opting not to repeal the State Income Tax. How often do people vote to keep a tax?!

0128 GMT: New Hampshire for Obama... so much for the whole "They love John McCain here!" nonsense.

0113 GMT: New Hampshire and Delaware still have Democratic Governors, and the party has taken the Governor's mansion in Missouri.

0108 GMT: al-Jazeera has Pennsylvania in the Obama column, as does the BBC. Sky/Fox is holding back on quite a few, and still have McCain ahead on the EC yet are very quick off the mark when they think McCain is doing well. The democrats have held the Illinois Senate seat while the GOP has held the Maine seat. John Kerry has been re-elected, New Jersey is a Democrat hold and if things do go badly wrong for Obama, Joe Biden still has his Senate seat to go back to.

0100 GMT: For Obama - Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, DC, Maine and Illinois; For McCain - Tennessee and Oklahoma. 77-34 Obama.

0056 GMT: CNN calls South Carolina for McCain: the College stands at 16-3 for McCain.

0032 GMT: CNN calls West Virginia Senate seat for the Democrats - a hold. The Dems also retain the Governor's mansion.

0015 GMT: The CNN hologram works!

0000 GMT: CNN projects an Obama win in Vermont and a McCain win in Kentucky. No real surprise there. They're calling Virginia a Democrat gain in the Senate for former Governor Mark Warner. Republicans to hold SC. Three Democrats returned unopposed: one in Vermont, and two in Virginia. It's estimated that the Republicans will retain the Indiana Governor's mansion. No real shocks.

2355 GMT: More Kentucky votes: with 9% of precincts reporting, it's neck and neck with McCain on 51% to Obama's 48%. Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford has crept ahead of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

2351 GMT: Awaiting concrete figures, still - but one definite result from Kentucky: in the House of Representatives, the Republicans have held the Kentucky 5th. I know this as the sitting member has no challengers.

2320 GMT: Waiting for the Indiana & Kentucky results, but not waiting as long as the voters in parts of Virginia, who are queuing up for 5 hours to cast a vote. And the early loser is CNN's computer system, with their Virtual Capitol Crashing.


Malc said...

Game over after Penn?

Will said...

I suppose it's theoretically possible that McCain could pull something out of the bag... but it looks unlikely.

BellgroveBelle said...

McCain doesn't seem to be able to catch up. Fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

Remember 2000 when we all went to bed thinking the free world was safe and woke up to 8 years of Bush Jr. It's not over yet, although I admit it's looking good.

Will said...

I'm staying up until it's either certain or impossible that Obama can get between 310 and 329 electoral votes.

BellgroveBelle said...

I'm hanging on for the speeches!