29 May 2007

The Executive takes a holiday

This one comes from HW, who has picked up on today's Executive Press Release about what John Swinney got up to over the weekend.

Now, by not bothering to report on the Finance Secretary's work until a couple of days after the event, and with the First Minister briefing journalists himself over the Holiday period, you could argue that this is the first waves of the promised 'efficiency savings': by not calling the staff in to work extra hours, you avoid having to pay them overtime. By not calling them in to work over a holiday weekend, you avoid having to pay them extra for that.

Of course, seeing as the First Minister did without them, and we now have to wait days for a press release anyway, perhaps there's scope to make further efficiency savings. HW suggests "a bomb under the lazy sods". I think a P45 or two might suffice!

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