27 May 2007

Readers with sharp eyes (that's all of you, you're an intelligent bunch) will notice that I've finally got around to re-doing my links. I've got some new blogs in the Unearthed section and put a handful of them straight into the main links, most notably agentmancuso who makes a welcome return to bloggery.

Oh, and I've axed a few blogs that have been left on the shelf. More links, updates and ruthlessness to come in the not-too-distant future.


james higham said...

Suppose you had to axe my blog, really, Will. Still, I'll keep yours on.

Will said...

Actually, this is slightly embarrassing, James, but I don't think I had yours on to axe... an error that shall be rectified forthwith!

Anonymous said...

Kind words, J. Arthur, and much appreciated.