30 May 2007

Committees drawn up by Committee

A glance at today's Business Bulletin suggests that the List of Committees will not be ready to be discussed by Parliament until Thursday 7 June. I sincerely hope that they have the composition of each of those Committees ready by then as well. Regardless of whether they do or not, they might not have proposed members ready by then, so that will have to be settled on either 13 or 14 June.

This will give the new Committees the following dates to hold their first meetings:

19 June
20 June (morning)
26 June
27 June (morning)

The Parliament goes into recess on 30 June. Well, officially anyway. In reality it will rise for the Summer on 28 June.

Remind me, who was it who said "Devolution is like evolution, only it takes longer"?

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