07 December 2005

Panic Stations

Not a good day for the Executive, who accidentally released a report on the economy (some good points on the environment, but otherwise grim), then took it off their website after realising the error, then decided that they had to put it back up again. Needless to say, the SNP reacted with glee.

And the Coalition may not be damaged over the Environment Committee's report on a carrier bag tax after all: although they've said that they're not going to go ahead with it (hence Alasdair Morrison's satisfaction), they aren't going to rule it out completely either, so Mike Pringle has a couple of straws to clutch at.

Meanwhile, in UK politics, a poll for Sky suggests that in the event of a Westminster election with Brown as Labour leader, and Cameron leading the Tories, the result would be Conservatives 38%, Labour 33%, LibDems 18%, resulting in a hung parliament with Labour still the largest party by one seat. The SNP would gain from this scenario: on the numbers it looks like they could take Ochil & South Perthshire and Dundee West, bringing their tally of MPs up to 8. The Tories would take Dumfries & Galloway (bringing them up to 2 in Scotland). Another poll puts Labour and the Tories at 36% each: this would hand Ochil & South Perthshire to the SNP but would mean no change for the rest of Scotland.

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