30 November 2005

Party Expenses

The Electoral Commission have published the expenses from each party in the Westminster election. Labour's campaign was the most expensive at £1,636,450, or £1.77 per vote; the LibDems spent £435,406 (82p per vote); the Greens spent £22,831.08 (89p per vote); while the SSP spent £21,494.95 (49p per vote). The best value campaign was the SNP's, who spent £193,987, making each vote they won a bargain at just 47p. As for the Tories, they spent £1,317,192.73, making them the second highest spending party (I thought they were after lower spending?). Seeing as they came a distant fourth with 369,388 votes, a vote for the Tories cost the party £3.57, more than double the price of a Labour vote, and more than seven and a half times the price of a vote for the SNP.

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