30 November 2005

Number crunching

Seems I'm now involved in a dance with the BBC: they carry a story on the Electoral Commission publishing the parties' expenses; I visit the Commission website, get the expenditure details for Scotland, and publish the figures on here along with the cost of each vote. Now on my next visit to the BBC website, I find a more detailed story... including the cost of each vote.

So do I have the BBC rattled or am I giving myself too much credit? Answers on a postcard please, but it's worth looking at the figures - according to Auntie Beeb a Labour vote in the UK as a whole cost £1.90 (13 pence more expensive than in Scotland alone), a LibDem vote was 10p cheaper at 72p, while a Tory vote was a whapping £1.54 cheaper at £2.03!

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