29 November 2005

Farewell to...

So James Douglas-Hamilton is the latest MSP to announce he's bowing out. The Tories therefore lose their only MSP with ministerial experience. And he's not the only one leaving for pastures new in 2007: Janis Hughes (Lab, Glasgow Rutherglen) is quitting before local party intrigue gets the better of her. Margaret Ewing (SNP, Moray) is bowing out, where she may be succeeded by her sister-in-law Annabelle (the former MP for Perth) or perhaps even Richard Lochhead (SNP, NE Scotland), who could vacate his place on the list for Alex Salmond, who is of course coming back, God and the electorate willing. Jim Wallace (LibDem, Orkney) is of course retiring, as is Bruce McFee (SNP, W Scotland) who is now sulking with the SNP for not being fundamentalist enough.

Then there's the speculation: Gordon Jackson (Lab, Glasgow Govan) is on the verge of being de-selected for being an MSP in name only, while Donald Gorrie (LibDem, Central Scotland) is likely to retire. And after David McLetchie (Con, Edinburgh Pentlands) fell from grace, the possibility of him leaving was raised.

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