29 November 2005

South Ayrshire Council (as reported in The Herald)

The Tories could well find themselves in control of a local council very soon, following the resignation of Councillor Andy Hill, the Leader of South Ayrshire Council. In 2003, both Labour and the Tories took 15 seats, meaning that Labour took control through a cut of the cards (no other party has a Councillor in South Ayrshire. Yet.) As Hill has also resigned his seat (North Carrick and Maybole East, by the way), we're now waiting on the by-election. And it's worth bearing in mind that once the Council gets round to choosing a new Leader, the Tories could take control regardless of who wins: the cards were good to Labour last time, they could be good to the Tories this time.

North Carrick & Maybole East result in 2003:

Labour 648 (46.92%)
Conservative 386 (27.95%)
SNP 283 (20.49%)
SSP 64 (4.63%)

(Source: http://www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk/elections/council/ward27.htm)

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