21 January 2010

Two Thoughts Occur

1. If a pair of footpaths around Balmoral are such a security risk that the Home Office doesn't want people to walk on them, why didn't it think to attempt to have them closed years ago?

2. And seeing as people hanging about near palaces pose a security risk, why didn't the Home Office kick up a stink about the Scottish Parliament being built across the road from one?


subrosa said...

I think it's something to do with the freedom to roam or some such legislation Will. There's certainly some law which says something like the land belongs to the people and the land owners are secondary. Don't have time at the moment to check it all out.

Agree with your second post, which makes Iain Gray's point more absurd.

tris said...

I'm sure that the Freedom to Roam law would be overridden by any threat to the head of state, or any other terrorist threat, as it probably should.

But Iain Gray has certainly pointed out that the feet of any terrorists who want to blow up the Queen and her immediate family will not get wet in the grass around Balmoral.

Anonymous said...

typical labour more interested in the sponging royals that the people who realy need help