04 February 2009

She's Back!

As you're now no doubt aware, Kezia Dugdale has returned to the blogosphere, and I for one am delighted to welcome her back!

Of course, I didn't agree with a lot of what she posted, and there were the occasional moments at outright fury, but she's always been readable and she possesses those rare gifts: getting noticed, and getting people talking. Towards the conclusion of Soapbox I, she seemed to start thinking that those weren't all that great, whereas I reckon they're pretty much essential for a top blog.

The small tone of disappointment comes when she says she's going to be "a bit smarter" with how, when and what she posts. "Smarter" sounds to be a synonym for "cagier" and I think that's a retrograde step: the best posts are the ones when you just go for it, in my opinion. I hope she won't be too offended when I say that Soapbox I got a little repetitive near the end and the point that she wasn't a big fan of the SNP got a little laboured at times - though every partisan blogger is occasionally guilty of overegging the political pudding. And I'm looking forward to the wider variety of post she's talking about. If Kez can surprise us every now and then - and I bet she can - then she'll have cracked it. All she needs to do then is enjoy taking to the keyboard again - and I'm certain she will...

Welcome back, Kez!

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Anonymous said...

oh you mean kez.....i thought there had been a sighting of ms smith