06 February 2009

Sad news

I am led to understand that Bashir Ahmad, SNP MSP for Glasgow and the first Muslim MSP and indeed the first MSP from any ethnic minority, has passed away. I must stress that I have no official confirmation but I trust the source, his accuracy, and the Facebook status announcing the news.

The man was a trailblazer, there's no question of that: no one from his background or faith had served at Holyrood before 2007, and now there is no sitting member who shares it, so the Parliament will indisputably be weaker in his absence.

Peace be upon him.


Bill said...

The BBC has a report here:

Yousuf Hamid said...

Really sad news. I remember whenever I saw him on the train Bashir would offer me a lift in his taxi - a real gent.

Indy said...

Indeed Bashir was one of nature's gentlemen. He will be very sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with his family, sad loss for Scottish politics. RIP