24 July 2007

Well, now I'm confused!

One of the utterances of George Galloway, attempting to fight his suspension from Parliament (and getting booted out in the process):

"I am, after all, being excluded from Parliament. It is not a small thing. I am, after all, about to face the situation in which my constituents’ Member of Parliament is banished from the building..."

So it's not fair that the people of Bethnal Green and Bow should see their MP booted out of the Commons for 18 days following a request of the Standards and Privileges Committee, but it is fair that the same people should see the same MP choose to seal himself off from the outside world, including Parliament and his constituents, and pretend to be a cat for Rula Lenska on national television?


Anonymous said...

as one of the comments on yesterday's Herald said, it would be more of a punishment to make him *attend* Parliament for 18 days ;)

Jeff said...

Personally i think he should have been kicked out for looking so scruffy with that awful beard.

But I'd defend Gorgeous George any day of the week. If we start kicking the Westminster characters for being different and outspoken then we'll be left with a very sorry lot of MPs indeed.

Don't know anything about the detail of this charity though....