22 July 2007

This week's Scottish Roundup is now available for your delectation and delight, and as Duncan says, I've now agreed to become a regular fixture there, as the Eric Morecambe to his Ernie Wise.

And I notice that Duncan has managed to press the right buttons to get me on board (he's obviously realised that with me, flattery will get you anywhere you want to go!). This is a testament to his sharpness and I shall have to keep a close eye on him. Unless he keeps on with the compliments, in which case my guard will be permanently down!

Anyway. I'll of course be on the hunt for posts over the course of the next week, so send them either to scottishroundup [at] gmail dot com or put them on the form on the Roundup website. Or just drop me a line.


Lord Straf-Moran said...

So you're the guilty party! Interesting.

Will said...

I'm not the guilty party... I'M SPARTACUS!