08 February 2007

You still have to pay to leave Dundee

More churlish bloggers might suggest that it'd be mad asking people to pay to enter it.

Anyway, the Greens allowed the Executive to defeat the Opposition (the Executive's own motion was defeated as well though), by 65 votes to 58, even with the Fife Labour and LibDem MSPs voting with the SNP and the Tories. They will at least be able to go to the electorate and say that they voted against tolls, but the reality is that the tolls are still there.

Murdo Fraser was quoted on the news as asking what would be in the Labour and LibDem manifestos for May though. He has a point: we'll probably be revisiting the issue after the Election and the actions of the current Executive parties will be worth watching when we do. Tomorrow, check how your local Labour/LibDem MSP voted in the Business Bulletin and make a note of it. If the next time we come back to this, they're still there and they vote to scrap them when they voted to keep them today, you might want to drop them a line, asking why tolls are a bad policy at that time, but were a good thing in February 2007.

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