10 June 2006

Crackerjack Part III

Before readers start accusing me of having it in for Gordon Jackson, let me say that really I don't have any reason to like or loathe him (I've never even met him), but he seems to provide plenty of fodder for dirt-diggers and shite-stirrers like your humble Blogger.

Anyway, it turns out that the Labour hierarchy is somewhat peeved at Jackson's decision to represent Nat Fraser, and his shoddy Committee attendance record (he's missed 18 out of 39), and de-selection might loom. Unfortunately, Labour are worried that it might not be so easy to get rid of him, as his deselection might prompt him to resign his seat and force a By-Election, which would see him out of the Parliament (which Labour want), but would also risk the seat being lost to the SNP just months before the 2007 Elections (which Labour don't want).

Why do I get the feeling that there'll be a post on here entitled 'Crackerjack Part IV' very soon?

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