16 January 2006

Alex for Gordon

No, I'm not outing anyone, but simply informing readers of a report on the BBC website that Alex Salmond has accepted an invitation from local SNP activists to put his name forward to stand in the constituency of Gordon next year (he isn't the candidate yet, mind!). Gordon is at Number 18 on the SNP target list, and as such it's exactly the sort of seat that the Party needs to win if it's to have a good shot at forming the next Executive. Unfortunately, at Number 18, it isn't exactly going to be handed to the SNP on a silver platter.

By the way, the SNP have selected Douglas Chapman as their candidate for the Dunfermline and West Fife By-Election. The LibDems have selected Willie Rennie, which shows their confidence (or lack of it) of winning the seat: he's already been selected to fight Dunfermline West in 2007.

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