05 April 2010

Let the Frenzy Begin!

Well, after what seems like years (and in fairness, it was years), the campaign is to get underway tomorrow, and Polling Day will be 6 May.

There will, I fear, be limited scope for humanity, as we all go into Battle Mode. On the other hand, there will, I hope, be ample scope for a decent quip. Not from me, of course, but still...

I'm tempted to say good luck, but there are only 59 people who I want to get that. And hopes for a good, clean fight seem, well, doomed.

So instead, here's hoping that everyone involved in the electoral process can get to 2200 on 6 May and be content that whatever the result, they did the best that they could. The rest will take care of itself.

Now, isn't [insert name of rival party leader of your choice] a #@$%?!

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