08 April 2010


Now, I know there's a trend for parties ripping off each other's poster ideas (memo to all party campaign managers, if I see another 'Fire Up The Quattro' variant, I will hunt you down and beat you up with my laptop), but this one has particular zing.

It was, I suppose, only a matter of time (though 18 years is a little much) that this 1992 effort would come back to haunt the Tories:

Well, today we discovered that what goes around comes around. Though I didn't expect the LibDem view to be that to attack the Tories, they must pay homage to the Tories:

There's irony in here somewhere: the Tories getting hoist by their own petard is one possible source. The LibDems deciding that the best way to attack a Tory idea is to use, er, a Tory idea is perhaps another.

I'll leave that one to the philosophers.


Jeanne Tomlin said...

Well, considering that their campaign slogan is a combination of the Tory and Labour slogans, isn't this what you'd expect?

I have a feeling they have the rather dim idea that this will appeal to dissatisfied voters on both sides of the isle or something like that. Instead, it makes the LibDems look totally devoid of ideas of their own.

Any political party that can't come up with their own meaningless prattle, really is in sad shape.

Will said...

Jeanne, you're absolutely right - they're slating Labour and the Tories for being the same, and claiming to be different themselves, when their first campaign poster is a carbon copy of a Tory idea. More hypocrisy from the Liberal Democrats!