15 April 2010

Debate #1

For all the relevance it has for my main readership and subject matter (i.e. strictly limited), the TV debates are something new and deserve to be tracked, even if the devolved bits are of no use to Scotland and the absence of a representatives from key political players in Scotland and Wales (aren't we meant to be in a Union of some sort?) doesn't help.

Amd I maintain that, with the uncertainty of the outcome and the possibility of a hung parliament, SNP and Plaid MPs have a major part to play: after all, a majority Labour Government had to rely on the nine DUP votes to get its terror detention policy through the Commons, while a three-figure majority was whittled down to just five on top-up fees.

Given the close outcomes of votes in Parliaments with solid majorities, it follows that on current projections, even a small band of SNP and/or Plaid MPs could end up affecting important - and contentious - aspects of UK policy. Accordingly, it is and it will remain in the public interest of everyone to be aware of the SNP and Plaid approach. By withholding a place on the stage for one or both of those parties, the broadcasters are placing England and the English public in a difficult position as well.

That's why, on Twitter, as well as #scotlandspeaks, I'll be tagging #letenglandlisten where I can.

And speaking of which, that's where I'll be following the debate - so you can follow me @WillPMacNumpty to join in.

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