20 December 2009

The Sunday Whip

This was a quiet end to the term, as no votes were taken. In fact, there weren't any contentious motions either - the debate on the Pre-Budget Report had no motion attached to it.

So, for the record, here's what was nodded through, in addition to the Business Motion. On Wednesday, the Pharmacy Order 2010 was approved. On Thursday, MSPs agreed:

That the Parliament notes the 7th Report 2009 (Session 3) of the Finance Committee on the scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2010-11 (SP Paper 349) and refers the report and its recommendations to the Scottish Government for consideration.

They then went on to approve Stage 1 of the Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Bill and the Financial Resolution.

So that was it for the week, and indeed for 2009. MSPs return to the Chamber on the 6th, and later today hopefully, I'll have the usual summary of errant MSPs over the past few months.

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