04 June 2009

Well? Have you?

The deed is done.

In the somewhat understandable absence of an SNP list in the North West, I opted to vote for the Greens and hope that Peter Cranie gets in on Sunday night.

Though as I said before, I had a choice of two candidates for the County elections. Labour, whose performance at County Hall has been long-standing but less than sparkling, and whose candidate has been the sitting Councillor for four years of complete and utter anonymity; or the Tories, who, if their experience of running the Town Hall is anything to go by, would actually be worse, and whose candidate is one of the Borough Councillors who are failing to set the heather alight. As I've said before, I presently compare the choice between Labour and the Tories to being asked to choice whether I wish to be shot or stabbed. Neither appeals, and neither of the two candidates have made me sit up, take notice, and wish to give one of them at least a chance.

So there was, on reflection, only one thing I could do.

I wrote "NO THANKS" across the ballot paper.

Futile? Yes. Arsey? Yes.

But none of the options seemed palatable, so crap as it is, a spoiled paper was the way forward.

Anyway. The deed is done, there's two and a half hours for you to do the deed if you haven't already.

And once it's over, all we can do is wait until Sunday...


subrosa said...

Aye I have and I met my lovely MP on gate duty. I've been rumbled as a blogger and he even reads it :(

ASwaS said...

Run yourself next time. All you need is a few people to assent. Then vote for yourself. Even if you only get one vote, you'll have the satisfaction of at least having voted for someone worthwhile.