07 June 2009

The Sunday Whip

This won't take long at all, given how brief the Parliamentary week was.

The Business Motions were waved through.

Patrick Harvie's Offences (Aggravation By Prejudice) (Scotland) Bill was passed at Stage 3 without amendment and without dissent.

The Waste Batteries (Scotland) Regulations 2009 were approved without any quibbling.

Finally, Parliament was happy with the Finance Committee taking the lead in scrutinising the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1, with the Education, Health and Rural Affairs Committees all chipping in.

And that, really, was it. Sorted!


subrosa said...

Thanks Will.

Holyrood Patter said...

dont knwo if you are still up but the snp have incredibly won labour heartland in greenock by 160 votes. get it blogged!

Ted Harvey said...

Because I have a board level interest in s Scottish theatre I feel obliged to wade through the
Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill.... OMG... this is one of the dreariest, boring, boring, boring tasks I recently undertaken... when does the storyline change pace and really get going? I haven't even spotted the clues yet.