26 May 2009

The Boundaries are A-Changin: Mid Scotland & Fife

Like North East Scotland, Mid Scotland & Fife sees only limited changes, and the most significant of those is triggered by North Tayside losing quite a large tract of land in the Angus area. The next most significant is the transfer of Dunblane from Stirling to the new Clackmannashire & Dunblane. That sentence may seem a little redundant until you realise that there's notihing about the name 'Stirling' which tells you that it contains Dunblane when other parts of the Council area presently find themselves in Ochil.

Anyway. The aforementioned Clackmannanshire & Dunblane is SNP by about 400 votes.

Cowdenbeath stays Labour by 4,000 votes - so Calum Cashley's 'Eadie to Leadie' campaign is still on track.

Dunfermline stays LibDem by 500 votes, while Kirkcaldy has a notional Labour majority 3,000 and Mid Fife & Glenrothes has an SNP majority of 1,800. North East Fife (it had an 'and' between the North and East in the initial proposals) has a LibDem majority of just shy of 5,000.

Perthsire North (the heavily revamped North Tayside) gives John Swinney a majority of just under 6,000, while Roseanna Cunningham's notional majority in Perthshire South & Kinross-shire is just over the 2,000 mark. And I get Bruce Crawford staying ahead in Stirling despite the loss of Dunblane - but only just!

So with no change in the distribution of constituencies, it's no surprise that the allocation of List seats doesn't change either, making this the most boring region of the eight.

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