12 February 2009

Edinburgh University's New Rector

You know, when I was involved in student politics, I was on the winning side of a vote just once. Unless you count the time I got 65% of the vote in an election to become an SRC Rep. Granted, only 20 votes were cast, but still.

Anyway, having been supportive of Iain Macwhirter (albeit from a distance, and unable to affect the outcome in any way, shape or form), I am pleased to say that he defeated my vote share triumph on a far higher turnout: he took 69% of the vote against George Foulkes.

We learned, of course, that the campaign for Foulkes was a Labour campaign. Well, that was a mistake: if you want to appear popular with students, you don't achieve that by proposing a man who voted for Top-Up Fees as the students' champion in university affairs.

Who knows what would happen, had Labour chosen a better candidate?

Of course, that doesn't matter. In the alleged words of Iain Gray, this campaign was about the Labour Party and they lost by a majority of more than two to one: a damning verdict.

They lost the trust of the academic community. Judging by this result, it seems that they have not regained it.


Lallands Peat Worrier said...

Good stuff. Pleased to see our fellows didn't resist the exquisite urge to kick the cabbaged-faced old lush out on his whisky-sodden, ennobled posterior.

Advanced Media Watch said...

Well done to Ian, Foulkes is a numpty