09 November 2008

The Sunday Whip

Or rather, the Sunday Damp Squib, as not one single vote was taken in the Chamber this week!

On Wednesday, there were discussions surrounding the Damages (Asbestos-related Conditions) (Scotland) Bill. A Business Motion scheduling the Stage 1 Debate and the Financial Resolution for that day went through on the nod, as did the programme for the next two weeks.

Following that, an amendment to the Stage 1 motion was waved through, as was the amended motion:

That the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the Damages (Asbestos-related Conditions) (Scotland) Bill but, in so doing, notes the terms of the Justice Committee's Stage 1 report, in particular the concerns expressed with regard to the Financial Memorandum, and calls on the Scottish Government to provide the Parliament with a more detailed analysis of the likely cost implications, from such information as is available to or can be obtained by the Scottish Government, prior to the Bill being considered at Stage 3.

And with that, the Financial Resolution went through without dissent as well, so everyone was reasonably happy, and the day ended with MSPs nodding through the International Criminal Court (Remand Time) Order 2008.

But here's the thing: on Thursday, there were no votes, no motions, no nothing. Clearly Business Managers were of the view that MSPs' minds would be elsewhere on Thursday. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Were they on strike?
Perhaps for higher pay, better pensions, a re-appraisal of their allowed expenses, sickness benefits or more generous( paid) time off for public duties

Will said...

Funny you should mention that Anon: Stage 1 of the Scottish Parliamentary Pensions Bill is this coming Wednesday...

James Higham said...

Now that one will be worth following.