21 November 2008

The Advice Spot

A visitor from Buena Park got here by googling "discouraging dog attacks on vacuum". I aoplogise that this site may have been found wanting for the lady or gentleman, and I as a good host, feel compelled to apologise for my neglect in tackling this subject when Google appears to lead here. I am, therefore, putting the matter right and will, in future, respond to Google searches.

This is how you stop a dog from attacking a vacuum cleaner when you're using it (they rarely attack it when you aren't):

Stick the little bastard outside while you do it. Or if that's not an option, stick them in the kitchen, or bathroom for the duration. Basically, don't let the dog be where you're hoovering.


Anonymous said...

does the dog have a name?
it's not "Nature" by any chance , because i've heard that nature..... never mind, just a thought

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Well I Googled the string too - you come up not only as number one on this query but as number two too. What is it with you and hoovering up dogs? Do the RSPCA need to know?

A few other suggestions:

1: when the dog is just a pup use the extension pipe and stick it over the pups tail - the pup will become so frightened of the hoover that it will run away when it sees the monster being taken out of the broom cupboard.

2: Record the sound of the vacuum cleaner on a CD and play it to your dog a few times a day, starting on a very low volume and gradually increasing the volume until it is louder than the actual sound of the machine.

3. Don't have a dog.

4. Don't have a hoover.