19 October 2008

Page 2 Stunner

Oh dear.

I'll blog sensibly on the Conference from home tomorrow, including a careful consideration of Day 2, which is when this happened, but for now let me just recover from my shock at kicking off my modeling career, on Page 2 of the Sun.

At least it wasn't Page 3.

And in any case, this being the start of something promising - I have the tits to be a model if nothing else - I have three aims to come from this:

I want Pete Doherty's phone number.

I want to switch on at least one town's Christmas lights this year.

I want to appear on next year's Strictly Come Dancing. I could at least get through an American Smooth without dropping Ola Jordan.


Caron said...

Come on, Andrew Castle is a sportsman. He is extremely fit and has been at the top of his game in his time, and he couldn't manage the Smooth with Ola. What makes you think you'd be able to?:-)

Caron said...

Sorry, nice pic with your warm and cuddly leader, by the way:-) Meant to mention that, but Strictly obsession took over.

Will said...

Caron, I managed to heave the box stuffed full of "SuperNat" T-shirts halfway down the street, I can lift Ola. Andrew Castle has been sitting on the GMTV sofa too long!

Oh, and while I'm on the subject... Mark Foster's torso. Discuss.

And the Sun article referred to the 'bizarre Che Guevara likeness'. I hope they meant the shirt.

Holyrood Patter said...

if you had got the supreme leader and others to sign it, like i said, we couldve had an auction

Holyrood Patter said...

Just to add aswell, zakis goal was supreme!

Grogipher said...

And here's me languishing on page 16 of last Thursday's Times!

Caron said...

Mark Foster's medal winning torso -not to my taste - not keen on big muscly men. And as for that bizarre fishnet top from the other night - no thanks.....

I'm sure the delightful Ola will be delighted to be compared to a box full of t-shirts:-) Now can you lift the box over your head and do a standing spin?

And you wouldn't expect the Sun to say anything complimentary about your t-shirt, would you?

Ted Harvey said...

Will I'm having to try really, really, really, hard not to comment... none of the many captions I have thought of would reflect well upon my personality or sense of humour!

Rob Marrs said...

Hard luck vs us on Saturday, Will. You wuz robbed.


Will said...

HP, I'm gutted we didn't auction it even though it did have just el jefe's signature on - a certain MSP could have bought that as well - and Zaki is immense.

Grogipher - well, we've both been lumped into the Murdoch press. I don't know about you but I feel dirty.

Caron - I thought it was cruel making the shyest guy wear the stupidest top, and Ola is far daintier than a box of T-shirts. And if I spun the box around, the T-shirts would fall out. :) And I do hope the Super Soaraway was calling the shirt a bizarre Che Guevara likeness as otherwise it was referring to its wearer. :p

Ted - that's why it's not a caption competition. ;)

Rob - of course we were robbed, we were in Liverpool. :D