15 October 2008

It's that time of year again

Blogging will, for the next few days, be taking place from Perth (well, a rather pleasant guesthouse on the outskirts).

I'm intrigued as to what the atmosphere will be like this year: Glasgow was full of anticipation and excitement at the coming election; Aviemore was full of enthusiasm and disbelief that the SNP was where it was; Riccarton (the Party described it as Edinburgh, but Heriot-Watt University is conveniently located in the middle of sodding nowhere so I'm describing this year's Spring Conference as the Riccarton Conference) had a sedate atmosphere, described by a friend to this blog as "The Conference of a Party at ease with itself"; Perth comes while the SNP Government (and the party as large) is still doing well and continues to enjoy a good deal of momentum, but now faces the challenge of governing Scotland during a time of massive economic certainty that it can't actually do anything about. And there's the small matter of the Glenrothes By-Election in three weeks.

So it'll be interesting to assess the state of mind of the membership.

We also have to find a way of getting Jeff in.


Mark McDonald said...

Perhaps yourself and Jeff could dress up as a pantomime horse in order to help him infiltrate the conference?

Will be good to see you again, you will be thankful that Mrs McD won't be in need of your chivalry this year as she is off the booze due to her pregnant state.

I'm also going tee-total for conference due to a cold.

I wonder if a blogging get together is beyond being organised?

Will said...

I sense a horse's ass joke coming with that suggestion, so I'll bodyswerve it for now! :D

Not sure if a proper get-together is being organised but I suspect it'll sort of hiccup together. Maybe we'll all be outside the thing in solidarity with Jeff?

Failing that, we're in danger of forming "TTs for independence"!

Jeff said...

Mighty kind of you Sir. And I'm sure if half of the attendees are as up for it and enthusiastic as you are then you'll have a cracking time indeed.

For me, I have decided to adopt a philosophy of: Where there's a Will, there's a way. (with or without the pantomime horse though)

Anyway, plan B involves a lot of cakes, tins of shortbread and maybe even a bottle of whisky.

Not as a bribe, I'll just have a lovely wee picnic to myself in a Perth park.

James Higham said...

Go to it rightly and may scallops rock yer tadger.