01 September 2008

He's been linked with everywhere else...

So why don't Labour select Dimitar Berbatov for Glenrothes?

This attempt at a football-politics crossover comes with apologies to Kez, who is currently waiting to find out whether or not she'll be on the ballot paper in Fife.

UPDATE: Obviously Labour weren't willing to offer Spurs the £30million required for Berbatov - and they've plumped with the favourite: Lindsay Roy. We now have candidates from the four main parties... All we need now is a date.

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Jim M said...

Oh dear. Looks like Brown and Darling's argument that it is all the fault of the world economy is looking a bit threadbare now.

Channel 4 News, 02 Sep 2008

"The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said the UK would be the only leading industrial nation to shrink in two consecutive quarters, the definition of a recession."

Who can they blame now when the only people who are responsible for the UK's position being worse than everyone else is ... Brown and Darling.