07 September 2008

Elizabeth Maginnis

Via Andrew Burns, we learn today of the sad news that the Scottish blogosphere has lost one of its members: Elizabeth Maginnis, Edinburgh Labour Councillor passed away early this morning.

To be honest, all I really knew of Councillor Maginnis was what she posted on her blog, but that did give us a real insight into her work and her life - she would post about the political and the personal; she would defend her party when she thought it was right, and she would always be willing to attack her political opponents but she was never afraid to go off-message and it always struck me that she was posting honestly. By that I mean that she wasn't just posting as a knee-jerk reaction, or as a chance to lob an egg at someone she didn't like, but that she was putting across her point of view. In short, she got what having a blog was about.

I didn't always agree with her, but I did respect her. And despite never having met her, I feel saddened by the news, having had the chance to read her posts and get to know her that way. She will be missed in the blogosphere.

Deepest condolences to her family and loved ones today.

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