27 August 2008

In Which I Channel the Spirit of Gwyneth Paltrow

Many, many thanks to the people who cast votes for me to get me to Number 4 in Iain Dale's Top 40 Scottish Blogs list. Even if the muppet has put me down as non-aligned. Again. Which will probably have a certain commenter on my last post choking on his tin foil hat, but that's by the by!

Anyway, Iain's failure to read the damn blog notwithstanding, thanks for the support, and warm congratulations to the Top 3. I stayed aloof from the whole thing, as 1) I would have had to narrow down my preferred blogs to a list of 10, and rank them in order; and 2) my preferences change daily.

But 4th is a nice place to be, so thanks to all those who put me there - sometimes this blog requires a real effort (I have to admit that lately my energy levels have been low and my stress levels high so bloggery isn't always the easiest thing. Plus which, I just don't do the Summer months and despite the crap weather, the heat and humidity have made my life a living hell) and I have to make myself head to the keyboard: to know that people are reading and enjoying means it's worth it!

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