14 August 2008

The Art of Google

I'm quite stunned that someone has found this blog by Googling "Tavish Scott is a c**t" - asterisks very much my own.

Why would anyone want to type that into Google?! I mean, if it's a statement, then you're going to be pretty much convinced of it anyway. And if you want it verified, then "Is Tavish Scott a c**t?" might be better.

Anyway. Back to normality, or what passes for it.


Mr Eugenides said...

I had exactly the same visitor in the last day or two, and was honoured to discover that I was #1 and #2 on Google for said phrase... honestly, I nearly shed a quiet tear of joy.

Will said...

Hmmm... perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it: someone googled "death to j arthur macnumpty" (the total absence of capital letters is not my own) yesterday.

And I'm not surprised in the least that you occupy the top two slots, Mr. E!

Mr Eugenides said...

But actually I have never used the phrase, so far as I know. It was merely that both keywords showed up in close proximity to each other on the blog - which I suppose is hardly surprising...

Anonymous said...

You think that's bad, I had a referral from someone who Googled:

"18th century women being spanked"

On so many levels, what the hell is that about?