29 June 2008

The Sunday Whip

Well, this was a snoozefest, apart from the slightly surreal moment when Wendy Alexander croaked her question at FMQs. All the fun was in the Committee Room where the Standards Committee were locked in their secret partisan handshakes and being very nasty people for punsihing someone who broke Parliamentary Rules. I know, I know, how dare they?

Anyway, the Chamber itself was a bit of a waste. On Wednesday, an extra Business Motion to allow a statement on the Ambulance Service got nodded through, as did the actual Business Motion for the first week back. And the motions setting out the timetable for Jackie Baillie's Disabled Persons' Parking Places (Scotland) Bill, and Stage 2 of Jamie McGrigor's Scottish Register of Tartans Bill. Following that, MSPs waved through the Charity Test (Specified Bodies) (Scotland) Order 2008 and the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2008.

Thursday was no more interesting. MSPs waved through a motion to allow the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee to meet that afternoon. Then later on, at Decision Time, Parliament nodded through the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme Committee's motion:

That the Parliament agrees to the proposal for a Committee Bill under Rule 9.15 contained in the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme Committee's 1st Report, 2008 Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme (SP Paper 103).

It was then equally content to wave through the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee's motion acknowledging that they'd put together a report:

That the Parliament notes the conclusions and recommendations contained in the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee's 2nd Report, 2008 (Session 3): Flooding and Flood Management (SP Paper 96).

Then, to complete matters, MSPs offered no dissent to proposed changes of the SNP membership on various committees.

So basically, no votes were actually taken. You can tell that the recess is now upon us.

And as that's the case, tomorrow I'll be publishing my usual breakdown of the records for the term. And the seedings for the Champions' League draw, which are what you really want to know...

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