23 June 2008

In Which I Declare War on Total Guitar Magazine

This gem was voted the fifth worst cover version of all time. Personally, I feel it's better than the original, and I suspect that the only reason the aforementioned magazine's readers gave it this status is that it doesn't involve some faux-punk or Beatles wannabe performing his impression of cats being trapped under a jackhammer. Their judgement is further discredited by their decision to put Muse's butchery of Nina Simone's Feeling Good in the list of Best Covers. I therefore condemn the readers of this bogpaper-disguised-as-a-magazine as moronic, po-faced musical troglodytes, and am proud to share with you, my enlightened readers, the musical heaven that is Wonderwall, as performed by The Mike Flowers Pops:

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julie said...

Hi Will,

Actually, I think this is the best cover of all time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcZrnMDOEs8
Reminds me of the episode of 'The Sky at Night' in which Patrick Moore dressed up as a punk with a ring through his nose..