28 June 2008

Could Scottish Labour be without a Leader?

The BBC thinks so: Wendy Alexander is preparing to make a statement at Scottish Labour HQ, where she is expected to quit. Glenn Campbell reckons that she's had enough, saying:

"There was the decision the other day by the standards committee of the Scottish Parliament to take action against her for failing to register the donations that her campaign for the leadership received, and then the decision to suspend her from parliament for one day, which has pushed her to a point where she has had to seriously consider her political future. I think she has now decided to stand down from that post after less than a year in charge."

Hmmm. I'll believe it when I see it. We were expecting a statement like this all the way back in December: she made a statement which said she was carrying on. She's taken blow after blow but kept coming back. So unless the men in grey suits have been to see her, I just don't see why the crappy little slap on the wrist she got from the Standards Committee would finally push her to do what she didn't view as necessary when she was caught breaking the law.

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