04 May 2008

Is that so?

Today's Scotland on Sunday:

Brown is also expected to carry out a major Cabinet reshuffle later this summer. Scotland on Sunday understands that the post of Scottish Secretary could be axed to make way for a new 'Minister of the Regions' with responsibility for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Current Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy is said to be favourite to take up the post.

I don't know who their source is, or even if they had one. They signs go back several weeks to when Paul Murphy met Alex Salmond to discuss the JMCs. Certainly I spotted them then, but did the SoS? I hedged my bets somewhat, taking the presence of Shaun Woodward into account, but despite that, these dots were easy to join. Why would the Scottish First Minister meet with the Secretary of State for Wales?

And why didn't the SoS ask that a few weeks ago?

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