25 April 2008

You've finally made it when you get tagged in a meme

And Angry Steve has done precisely that, on a whim. The problem is that for anyone who's ever met the Angry One, Steve is built like the proverbial brick latrine so my default position is to accede to his requests. Anyway, the precedent has now been set. Memes will, form now on, have to be answered.

What I was doing ten years ago:
At that precise point, I was making my way out of a very deep pit of despair. It was an... odd time. Odder than usual.

Five things on my To-Do list today:
A quick skim-read of the Official Report (done)
Pop across the road to fix a neighbour's laptop (I dread this)
Sort out the post at work (done)
Set the video for the repeats of Doctor Who and Heroes
Bring in the wheelie bins (done)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Buy a des res in a genteel, middle-class part of Edinburgh, place the rest in a bank account and live off the interest, then bequeath the lot to an obscure charity.

Three of my bad habits:
Over-thinking things;
Continuing to enjoy all the wrong foods in all the wrong quantities;
Leaving socks on the floor.

Five places I’ve lived:
Chorley, Lancashire
Coppull, Lancashire (the first two are much of a muchness)
Sciennes, Edinburgh
Newington, Edinburgh
Southside, Edinburgh

Five jobs I’ve had:
Finance Assistant
Wiper of tables in a crappy canteen
Volunteer in a charity shop
Interpreter (well, OK, that was only a couple of times and it was as and when required, but I got paid for it)
Web Designer (again it was only one project, but still, it counts!)

Five books I’ve recently read:
Pies and Prejudice (Stuart Maconie)
Nul Points (Tim Moore)
Northern Soul: The Inside Story of when Wigan Athletic went to the Premiership (Ed Jones)
The Well of Lost Plots (Jasper Fforde)
Scotland: The Road Divides (Tom Brown & Henry McLeish)

Here endeth the meme. I'm a miserable bastard so I'm not passing it on. And the worst thing that can happen to me in terms of luck this weekend is for the three football teams I bet on to be winning right up until second half injury time, when two of them concede last-minute equalisers. So whatever the fates throw at me for snuffing out the meme, I think I will live.

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Anonymous said...

"Wendy Alexander is a towering intellect".

Nah, that meme fell apart quite quickly.

She may have a cunning plan to deal with the SNP.