09 March 2008

Scotland according to the Liberal Democrats

I'm sure the LibDem web designers - you can send the above image as an e-postcard to someone on the UK LibDem website - think this is hilarious, but I don't see the funny side.

In fact, it just goes to show the contempt the UK LibDem establishment seems to have for Scotland. The fact that the party's Federal Leadership colluded with Gordon Brown to bounce MSPs into a third coalition with Labour, and actually succeeded in
stopping a pact with the SNP - though Jack McConnell effectively put an end to any Grand Unionist Coalition - shows that they view Scotland as nothing more than LibDem lobby fodder.

Hopefully Alastair Carmichael's flounceout of the LibDem frontbench will have educated them further, but their claim to be the real opposition in Scotland, and to double their haul of MPs in Scotland? Well, it all looks a little hollow now. I would hope the MSPs take a leaf out of Carmichael's book and show a bit more independence from the Westminster group - they're supposed to be a federal party after all - but I fear that they'll stay wrapped around the UK Leadership's finger.

A UK Party that sees Scotland like this. I'm quite relieved at the Menzies Campbell/Gordon Brown machinations now, and relieved that my wish for an SNP/LD Coalition didn't come true - people who see the country - and Scottish nationalism - like this would have continued influence in an SNP-led Scottish Government. What a disaster that would be!

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Ted Harvey said...

Wow! So the Lib Dems go in for this near-racism as well? I had that the Westminster bovine stupidity about deliberatly insulting the Scottish electorate was mostly confined to Labour MPs.

Although, I have read that 'McChattering classes David Cairns' MP is at it again. Now he says we have been cheering on the Scottish rugby team in an 'anti-English' way... and that this is all got up by the SNP.

Why don't they just keep quite and stop making such inane, crass and wholly counter-productive blunders?
There again, in even in Scotland, I suppose the pathetic behaviour of the Baileston Banshee Margaret Curran secretly briefing against her so-called colleagues just shows we cannot expect anything better of them.