23 March 2008

A response to Change is What We Do

You can find a PDF version of the full pamphlet at the BBC website, and a Labour view on the publication from Kezia Dugdale.

My responses to key points are here:

1. Boldness and Progressive Politics
2. Scottish Labour, Boldness and Change
3. Changing Society, Changing Policies
4. Changing Times, Changing Constitution
5. A Cross-Border, Cross-Party Partnership
6. Scotland's Place in the Union
7. The Union and Scotland
8. Change and the Way Ahead

It will come as no surprise that I am not impressed with her work. I feel that Scottish Labour has at its heart a series of paradoxes, mainly based on the constitutional question and its response to it. The pamphlet places them in stark relief, and does not resolve them. Labour has three years to do so. Will it succeed?

I doubt it.

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Cringe is what the rest of us do.