11 February 2008

L'Écosse: douze points?

We can but hope: via ASwaS, we learn that there would be no impediment to Scotland entering the Eurovision Song Contest according to the European Broadcasting Union, who run the thing.

As a devotee of the event, I am thrilled, and if ASwaS fancies writing a song for me, I might just throw my hat into the ring to be an entrant, if one of Scotland's broadcasters fancies giving ESC a go.

And why not? Anything we produce would be infinitely better than the last time someone speculated on what a possible Scottish entry would look and sound like:


julie said...

Nul points, I think..

Telly Kerry said...

Following Clarwil's uncannily and frighteningly accurate tarot prophecy for Terry.

Tarot Reading for Terry

Are some more "profound changes" going to occur that will sweep Terry out of sight?