09 December 2007

Wendywatch: 9th December

It had to happen, really, didn't it?

Anyway... in today's papers:

It turns out that Wendy's list of fundraisers was sent from her Holyrood office - a party political campaign being run on Parliamentary facilities is a no-no, and with Wendy not declaring donations on her Register of Interests, the Standards Commissioner is wading in.

Key Labour donor Willie Haughey is now refusing to give any more money to the Party until the mess is cleared, and as well as losing an important fundraiser - which won't go down well - Wendy has lost another spin doctor, this time Kerron Cross, who was to be Number 2 to Gavin Yates.

Oh, and a local ally in her political backyard is in the soup, with Renfrewshire Councillor Tommy Williams suspended from the Labour group and sacked from his post with Glasgow City Council for financial irregularities, after allegedly falsifying his time-sheets. One wonders if her election agent will be the next one under the spotlight of shame.

I think my response is predictable: she's lost a donor, she's losing employees, her allies are crooked, she's broken the Alastair Campbell "two weeks in the Sunday papers and your position is untenable" rule, she's facing the same drip-drip of allegations that did for both Henry McLeish and David McLetchie, everybody that can investigate something now appears to be doing so, and Charlie Gordon has opted not to go quietly into the political night. Labour need someone, anyone, else at the helm.

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