24 December 2007

Obligatory Festive Message

In the unlikely event that anyone is actually reading this before the 26th, I'd like to wish everyone who comes this way - including the good people at the Caithness Community Website - my best for the next week. I anticipate still being at my machine during the fesive period so I'll offer New Year-related pleasantries then.

I must confess that I myself feel uneasy. There is something in the air, I feel, and it's not something good. I get the feeling that tomorrow, and the next few days, will not be as pleasant as perhaps they should. I don't know why, either. I just sense that something is off (and it's not the turkey) and I may find myself pouring out what remains of my blackened, shriveled heart on here at some point. In the grand scheme of things, I should consider myself lucky: I have a home, a family, my health (more or less), and there are many others far worse off than me. Despite that, I cannot shake the worry that this is going to be an ugly, ugly week. Hopefully it's just a false alarm.

And now I've just depressed the lot of you. Oops.

Anyway, have a good one, I'll be popping up if and when things happen. See you soon!

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