02 December 2007

It's getting worse for Wendy

Barring the fact that Charlie Gordon put Paul Green's name forward for an honour of some description - have they learned nothing from Cash for Honours? - things have got worse for Wendy Alexander. We learn that Moir Lockhead, Chief Executive of First Group, was approached for a £995 donation, but declined to provide it. We also learn that it was to be channelled through John Lyons, the former MP for Strathkelvin & Bearsden, falling foul of the law barring donations through a third party. And to make matters worse, the man behind this donation was one David Whitton, MSP for Strathkelvin & Bearsden, now Wendy Alexander's PPS.

Meanwhile, "Tom" (McCabe, undoubtedly, now Labour's member of the Corporate Body, and Wendy's campaign manager) got Neil Davidson and Willie Haughey on side. "Jackie" (Baillie, Shadow Parliament Minister) arranged donations, as did "Pauline" (McNeill, now Shadow Education Secretary). Another donor was approached by "Jim": the Sunday Herald does not join any dots here, but this could well be Jim Sheridan, MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire North. One wonders how many others helped secure donations, and whether or not this explains why Alexander's Shadow Cabinet is so large.

Anyway, the bell would seem to be tolling for the Leader of the Opposition, but one figure supports her: Gordon Brown wants her to stay on according to the Sunday Mail, but his motives are less than pure. If Wendy goes, Harriet Harman has to go. And she has attached herself to him, so if she goes down, Brown goes down with her.

Scottish Labour is now languishing, tearing itself apart with a weak leader at Holyrood, now unable to land a blow on the SNP Government. And Brown is willing to let his party wither on the vine so that he can stay in Downing Street a little while longer. To paraphrase Jeremy Thorpe, greater love hath no man, that he should lay down his party for his office.

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Robert the Bruised said...

This is huge. The SNP have published a poll showing the SNP Scottish Government is FIVE times more popular than the Labour Government in London.

It is getting to the point where Labour will not only have just lost an election in Scotland but also lost Scotland irretrievably.

Word is that Wendy will still tough it out because Brown is kacking himself that it could set off a chain reaction leading to his own door.

We could be witnessing a historic shift in Scotland as the final line of Labour voters break ranks.