22 November 2007

Lucky Number 2

This blog is two years old today, and I celebrate it on my decomposing laptop, with a monitor that has ceased to be and a keyboard that has its own ideas of what I should be typing, and how I should be typing it. It is, therefore, a typical birthday celebration in my family: a bit crappy and with a fiasco just around the corner. I was going to refer to various insanities that have taken place on birthdays past, but I'd be typing all night.

I was going to say something profound about how things have changed in the past two years. But why bother? I'd just be repeating myself. After all, the whole point of this blog is to say things about the changes as they are happening. Well, actually, it's an ego trip in which I swan about the internet, saying poncey things about politics, and the result of a wet day with nothing to do.

Of course, I have more to do these days, but I'm no less of a ponce and I still like a nice ego trip.

Two years on, and still swanning about. And as yet, no reason to stop.

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