09 November 2007

The Games Belong to Glasgow

It is rare to see the sheer goodwill that was emanating from Scotland's politicians the very minute anyone mentioned the words 'Commonwealth' and 'Games' at FMQ's yesterday. To see Wendy Alexander and Nicola Sturgeon exhange an albeit brief set of pleasantries before arguing with one another, and to see Sturgeon complement Jack McConnell, following him complement his successors in administration, was a mark of just how, when they try, politicians actually can work together when there's something worth working together for. And to see the grin from Alex Salmond's right ear to Steven Purcell's left ear (it was, in effect a shared grin) on TV this evening following the announcement was refreshing.

Today we saw the 'new politics' at its best... and how it can help deliver results.

It won't always be successful, and it isn't always desirable - there needs to be dissent in politics, after all - but today proved that it can work.

To those who worked on the bid, therefore, from whatever body and regardless of their political hue, all this blogger can say is, "Well done the lot of you... and don't screw the thing up now!"

PS: just to set the cat among the pigeons, consider: despite the financial black hole that is surrounding the London Olympics, sucking money into it from wherever it can, there is a useful bonus that comes from the 2012 Games being so close to Scotland: Glasgow 2014's organisers can watch and take note of all the successes, and learn from all the mistakes made in London. They will then be able to bring that experience to bear in the crucial final two years of preparation. And Abuja's organisers can follow the 2010 World Cup in South Africa on the same basis, so as to prepare an improved bid in 2018.


Fidothedog said...

It could have been worse they could have gone to a nation run by a small group of inter connected politicos, with tales of corruption and back door deals.

Where violence is rife and apathy fills the populace.

Then again it did.

Mountjoy said...

They will make plenty of mistakes in the London 2012 games, so at least Glasgow will be a competently run and successful event. And what a wonderful venue! A far friendlier and cultured city than the barbarian London.

Sir James Badger said...

Interesting concepts - major world event and Scotland.

Richard Havers said...

There needs to be a sweepstake on how long it'll be before they all start falling out over the preparation for the games. My guess is it won't be long.