21 October 2007

The Roundup is out now, as put together by the wonderful IndyGal.

She's done a damn good job, I reckon, and it might be worth asking her again - so she might describe herself as a victim of her own success. She explains how she ended up doing it right at the start:

How did I end up doing this roundup? Well, you see, it all started when I complained that my blog was rarely mentioned in the roundup. I noticed one week that NO female bloggers were mentioned and thought it might be quite funny to wind these guys up - sexism! Shocking behaviour. I thought it would “force” them into plugging me the following week. I was laughing on the other side of my face when they suggested that I do a guest editing spot! That’ll teach me.

For my part, when I spotted Anne's little joke, my first reaction was "Eeeek! Possible row! Kill it! Kill it!!!!", so now she knows! Anyway, I learned the same lesson (i.e. jokes can backfire badly) back at Uni, when a friend of mine was organising a team for a tug-of-war against Glasgow Uni. There was to be a photoshoot a bit beforehand, and on the day that she was looking for models, I happened to be in Potterrow having brunch, while she was there, so decided, in my infinite wisdom, to yell, "Oi, Sandra! Are you looking for pictures of big men?!" Within an hour, I was being photographed trying to drag a minibus around Bristo Square.

Then I ended up in the actual team (there was a free shirt and all the packets of Scott's Porage Oats I could carry, OK?). The Edinburgh side consisted of Students' Association hacks and mates of the organiser. The Glasgow side consisted of huge, butch rugby players, all of them built like the proverbial brick shitehouse.

And the men were even more intimidating.

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