13 October 2007

I'm on the List, apparently

Many thanks to Grant, who in compiling the list of Top 20 Scottish Bloggers and Top 10 SNP Bloggers for Iain Dale, placed me ninth in the first list and third in the second. Given that I have a surprisingly competitive streak, I'm quite pleased with this.

On the wider list, I am 243 in the Top 500 of UK Bloggers. This a top half finish and as fans of the SPL will know, this means I get to play against the big bloggers after the split. The strange thing is that I'm down as non-aligned (the fact that I'm in the SNP list AND the non-aligned list ought to throw people), and even made Number 34 in the Top 100 Non-aligned Blogs, which I'm quite excited about - I only just scraped into the Top 100 last year - but slightly guilty as, by rights, I shouldn't even be in that section. As regular readers will know, I am very much aligned!

And in a way, that's a little disheartening... people clearly notice this thing enough for it to get put on lists (cheers to all of you, by the way), but haven't noticed after almost two years (two years old on 22 November, he says, gloatingly) that I'm an SNP member. Now, I try to be fair-minded, but my opinion always comes through - I see to it that it does. Seeing as this blog is mainly my take events rather than reporting them, that makes sense, I think.

Still, it's nice to be noticed. Thanks to everyone responsible for my presence on all four lists, even if by rights, I only deserve to be on three of them.


Sir Philip Johnston-Higham said...

...a surprisingly competitive streak...

Why surprisingly?

... SNP member ...

That's OK because Ordo is a Welsh nationalist and it hasn't affected his health to badly.

Will said...

It's surprising because I don't come across to people as the sort of person who turns into a raging, hot-headed berserker even in the smallest pub quiz. Despite outward appearances, I would quite happily turn chess into a contact sport where the pawns were used to poke the other player's eyes out.

And my health has actually improved under the SNP. I used to be Labour many moons ago and I was in a bit of a state, it has to be said. But I'm better now!

Mark McDonald said...

Anyone who has ever witnessed a Will Patterson rant knows how entertaining they are!!!

Will said...

Yeh, my greatest regret is not making a speech that started with the phrase 'My mother-in-law...' and went downhill from there.

Still, the days of the ranting AND the beard - I still shudder thinking back to that time, even now!

Richard Havers said...

I guess it goes some way to proving that listss of just about anything are suspect :)

This morning we have a lsit on which Supermarkets are the 'greenest. Surely an oxymoron? Theres another story about VisitScotland off to Russia because some list puts Russian tourist spenders at the top end of the amount an average tourist spends per day (that's 'cos they have so few tourists and most of them are mega rich!) And another BBC story on our position in the list of the most welcoming countries for immigrants (that's the UK not Scotland).

Listomania is what the world is suffering from! Having said that well done on doing so well.